Come look at our garden design at the Lake Forest Infant Welfare Showhouse & Gardens…

P. Clifford Miller, Inc. is once again participating in the biannual Lake Forest Infant Welfare Showhouse & Gardens. While Cliff is widely known for his knowledge and expertise with native plants and the naturalized garden, his many years of participation in Lake Forest Infant Welfare Showhouse & Gardens has given him opportunities to display his skill in designing other styles, including the formal garden.

This year, Cliff has designed a boxwood parterre which is a reflection of the original garden design by Ralph Root in conjunction with Adler. A fleur-de-lis influenced pattern will be cut into the lawn, expressly for viewing from the house above. Overall, the restored sunken garden is reminiscent of an Italianate garden, typical of several of the early estates in Lake Forest.

Conceptual plan (at left) illustrates a parterre à l'anglaise—a lawn with a finely clipped pattern cut
into it.


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2013 Lake Forest Infant Welfare Showhouse & Gardens
These previous Lake Forest Infant Welfare Showhouse & Gardens projects that Cliff has designed and built highlight the strong geometric pattern work often associated with the formal garden. To think these gardens are typically removed right after the show is over!
Lansdowne 2009
Thorndale Manor 2011
Frogs calling and wildflowers blooming herald the first warm days of spring


While designing follies for the Lake Forest Infant Welfare Showhouse & Gardens is always a lot of fun, it is witnessing the awakening of the land in early spring that brings the greatest pleasure.

A carpet of trout lilies blooming on the forest floor, the courtship night flights of the woodcock, bluebirds in the meadows, and the trill of toads calling from vernal pools on the first warm nights of spring—these are what make our lives a little richer each year.
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